Business Analytics Forum III
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Pan European  Business Analytics Forum III
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"The Social Effect in CRM through Business Analytics"

About the Forum

For the first time in Greece, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use Social Network Analysis, Social Media and CRM within the framework of Business Analytics in order to measure accurately the impact and the Return On Investment.

The practice of Social Analytics is to report on modern tendencies. The social factor is increasingly important as a marketing channel. But how do you measure the impact and effectiveness of your social initiatives?

On a first glance, Social Network Analysis and Social Media seem almost synonymous. In addition, another term is what we call Social Media Monitoring. Social Network Analysis and Social Media are two different terms, but there is a relationship between them.

Social Media Analytics refer to BI tools (reporting, dashboarding, visualization, research, event-driven alerting, text mining, and others) applied to information sourced from social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Social Network Analysis is advanced analytics that is specifically focused on identifying and forecasting connections, relationships and influence among individuals and groups. It includes transactions, interactions, and other behavioral information that may be sourced from social media and/or just as often from CRM, billing, and other internal systems.

But how someone can take advantage of each one of them and how this can be converted into real valuable information for your company?

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the forum are:

  • High level overview of Linkedin big data ecosystem and analytics framework involving various systems and tools/technologies (both open and commercial) with special emphasis on offline data (data warehouse).
  • Various analytical business use cases across the LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Analytics span across Marketing, Product, Sales and Finance.
  • Ways of utilizing Social Network Analysis within Linkedin focusing on the role of leader opinions
  • Ways of using Linkedin and SNA for LinkedIn ads
  • How HR departments can utilize and maximize efficiency for their recruitments.
  • Multiple Segmentation Techniques in Relationship Marketing
  • 'Social Network Analysis': the new dimension in Relationship Marketing
  • Combining Traditional Segmentation with SNA in order to get into your Customers' DNA.
  • How can you measure the conversion and monetary value of your traffic and how this can help you understand the impact of the social factor on your business?
  • What is Social Media Monitoring?
  • Combining social properties to individuals' behavior, how can an enterprise take its marketing to the next level?
  • What is the relationship between Social Media, Social Network Analysis and Business Analytics?
  • What is Viral Marketing and how you can use it for your company's benefit? How can Analytics be used on Viral Marketing? What is the future of Viral Marketing?
  • How comprehensive and mature are commercial solutions for social media analytics and social network analysis? How can you evaluate the offerings from third solution parties?
  • Who are the vendors that provide best-of-breed integrated tools in all of these areas?
  • What do customers need to know about social media analytics and social network analysis?
  • How can different industries use Social Media Analytics and SNA?
  • The role of SNA in Big Data
  • Pros and Cons of investing in Social Media and Social Network Analysis
  • How can you improve customer maintenance, cross-sell and up-sell by enabling marketers to identify social communities based on relationships between customers, measure and segment customers?
  • How can you target customers based on changes within their social communities?
  • How can you model social networks based on text messages, emails, and tweets?

...and many more at the conference.